Racing Help

What's available on the TAB Mobile Site?

Most of what's available on is also available here on the TAB Mobile Site. There are a few things that aren't currently supported by TAB Mobile including Multi betting, Form, News & Tips and MyTAB.

How can I place a Racing bet on this TAB Mobile Site?

[1] Visit and log in to your account
[2] Select the Racing tab which is located near the top of this page
[3] Select the race meeting that you want to place your bet on
[4] Select the race
From this page you can view the odds available on the race. If Fixed Odds are available on the race, you can view these odds by using the drop down menu
[5] To bet on the race select the Bet Now button
[6] Select your bet type using the menu
[7] Select your runners by checking the box next to the runner name
[8] Enter the amount that you wish to spend and select the ‘Submit’ button
[9] Check that you’ve got the bet that you want and select ‘Submit bet’
[10] Wait a second for the bet to be confirmed. Success!

Want an Easybet? Easy. Follow steps 1 through 6 from above, check the Easybet box and then enter the amount you wish to spend and submit bet.

Need a little help on Bet Types?

Win: Pick a runner to win the race.

Place: Pick a runner to finish first, second or third (subject to the number of starters).

Each Way: Combines two bets in one with a Win and Place bet on your runner. You can place an Each Way bet with different values by using the “/” between your desired bet amounts (Win amount first). e.g. 2/3 will give you $2 to win and $3 a place.

Quinella: Pick two or more runners to finish 1st and 2nd. Boxed Quinella allows you to select more than two runners to finish in any order.

Trifecta: Pick the three runners to finish 1st, 2nd and 3rd in the correct order. Boxed Trifecta allows you to select runners to finish in any order.

First4: Just like a Trifecta but you'll need to select the 4th runner as well.

Double: Pick the winners of two separate races nominated by the TAB

Treble: Pick the winner of three separate races nominated by the TAB

Quaddie: Pick the winners of four separate races nominated by the TAB

Pick6 Pick the winners of six separate races nominated by the TAB

Big Race Pack: Available in values of $10, $16 and $24. Choose one, two or three runners to get a combination of bets with your selected runner/s.

Easybet: The Computer makes the selections for you. You only need to select the amount of the bet you wish to make. Available on all bet types.

Percentange bet: You bet a percentage of the normal cost and get a percentage of the dividend in return. Available on Trifecta, First4, Treble, Quaddie and Pick6 bets.

Tote bet: The most common form of betting. Your bet is pooled with other bets and the odds are determined by the amount of money on each runner. Odds are indicative until the result is confirmed.

Fixed Odds bet: You lock in the odds at the time of placing the bet. There are two types of Fixed Odds bets that apply to racing

[1] Final Field: A Fixed Odds bet that is placed after Final Acceptances for the race have been taken.
[2] Futures: A Fixed Odds bet that is placed prior to Final Acceptances. This bet is 'All In' so there are no refunds for scratchings.

For more detailed information on Racing bet types visit our main site -

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