Sports Help

What's available on the TAB Mobile Site?

Most of what's available on is also available here on TAB Mobile. There are a few things that aren't currently supported by TAB Mobile including Multi betting, Sports Results, News & Tips and MyTAB.

How can I place a Sports bet on the TAB Mobile Site?

[1] Log in to your account
[2] Touch the Sport tab which is located near the top of the TAB Mobile site
[3] Touch the Sport that you want to place your bet on
[4] Navigate through to the betting option that you want to bet on
[5] Pick your selection
[6] Enter the amount that you wish to spend and select the ‘Submit’ button. Minimum bet is $1
[7] Check that you’ve got the bet that you wantand touch ‘Submit bet’
[8] Wait a second for your bet to be confirmed. Success!

Want a Pick The Score or Pools bet? You can place an Easybet on Pick The Score and Pools bet types on the TAB Mobile Site, but to place a bet using your own selections you'll need to visit

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